About Us || 8Hz Mission and Ethos

Our mission.  To make beautiful products from recycled materials and work with organizations to help prevent plastics from getting into the oceans. Our ethos is simple.  Leave the earth a better place for our future.

How did it start?  The whole idea started when Mateo was doing a large project on climate change with scientist and health experts around the world and after being exposed to the massive global effects struck a cord. Something had to be done.  After exiting URB-E, he decided to focus on recycling, up-cycling and saving the oceans. The core as a designer was to make beautiful products from waste and not virgin plastic derived from petroleum, the method causing the long-term damage to the environment and anything who lives within. This is why we chose to make our products out of waste and help shift the paradigm of waste management.  Moreover, making products here in the U.S. was an important factor too, since his last venture made products in Los Angeles. The goal was to start and take action, knowing it was not going to be perfect but getting to that point and doing it in a closed loop system where everything eventually is done local from bags to household goods.

Mateo then met Frankie who had designed a bag and snowboard and they decided to form a collaboration on putting the two ideas together for the greater good. Mateo then met Saber, the legendary graffiti artist and started discussing how to collaborate using his art for doing good. After many ideas, collaborating on a Saber collection is now happening. After building many prototypes and designs, they connected with Jason who worked with Mateo at URB-E and decades of brands and ventures with Strategic Planning and Marketing. The team was then officially launched. 

What does 8hz mean? 8hz comes from the Schumann resonance, the “beat” of the planet, an electromagnetic field surrounding the earth that connects all humans. Why not do something with deeper meaning that is related to the earth, animals, and people, so we love the meaning and the number.

Who are we?  We realize that sustainability starts with making simple choices/ We use re-fillable bottles instead of single-use plastics. Reuseable cups for our undying devotion to coffee. We drive electric and hybrid cars more often than not. We use solar energy for work and play, and believe in sustainability as a lifestyle. We are also farmers who nurture and replenish the land. When we all take simple steps as part of the global solution towards sustainable change, we become a part of a movement to benefit others besides ourselves. Let's make this change together.