8Hz Made in California || Sustainable Fabric & Hard Goods

Made in Ventura, California.

Our products are designed both in Northern and Southern California. Frankie divides design time between testing products out on the farm, and then stays on-site with our Ventura team making patterns, prototypes and overseeing production.


No Sweatshops

Our manufacturing partners are 100% sweatshop free. Our products are made in Ventura, California. We devote time working hand-in-hand with our team who have made quality products for Patagonia for 25 years. We didn't want the cheapest route, yet experience results in efficiency and quality. Whether we're assembling short runs or large runs, we work hand-in-hand with a family-like level of communication.


Do you know who makes your product?

Meet Alba and Rafa. They own and run the manufacturing in Ventura, California. They joined us with experience and an iron reputation, but Alba's unique skill of the craft of design and sewing makes Alba and Rafa unique. The fact that they are a team who care about the people who use the products they sew, makes them irreplaceable and like family.