8Hz Sustainable Community || Our Partners & Alliances

Our world plastic problem didn't occur overnight from one person, city or country. The management of plastic waste will require the effort of many individuals and communities built with a culture of sustainable products and practices. We welcome and work with any person, company, or sector who feel the same.

5 Gyres Institute - For a Planet Free of Plastic Pollution
Our local non-profit partner 5 Gyres empowers action against the global health crisis of plastic pollution through science, education, and adventure. This is where our 8% goes toward. https://www.5gyres.org

Benefical Bank B-Corp
Our banking partner is Beneficial State Bank, a B Corp. BSB members are profit and non-profit companies with a vision of social innovation and giving, rather than focusing solely on profits for the few. Members include:

  • Sonen Capital
  • Dharma Merchant Services
  • Brightpath Capital Partners, LP
  • Radicle Impact Partners
  • many more...

Our manufacturer in Ventura is owned by Alba Alargunsoro, a textile entrepreneur with decades of textile and apparel/accessory experience, including her 25 years manufacturing for Patagonia.

In all, we form a growing community dedicated to one cause. Working and innovating together today, as we help build a sustainable tomorrow. Contact us if you would like to collaborate and merge our communities and ideas-to-action.