Our Team

Mateo Neri | Founder, CEO

Mateo is a serial design entrepreneur having co-founded a pioneering interactive agency in the early 90's to his last venture www.urb-e.com which is focused on making electric vehicles in Los Angeles for urban cities around the world.  Art Center College of Design Alumni. Hybrid driver, anti-plastic bottle freak, recycler, and nature hippie in a past life.

Frankie Carone | Co-Founder, Head of Product

Frankie comes from a long history of farming in his family and living in nature, but his other passion is design and building beautiful products by hand whether it's bags or re-used wood from falling trees on their property. Art Center College of Design Alumni. Farmer, outdoor enthusiast, up-cycler, forest cleaner and yeller at litterbugs.

Jason Chuan | Co-Founder, Head of Marketing

Jason is dyed-in-the-sustainable-wool outdoor enthusiast who is also part fish. A pioneer in web technology marketing and strategy, mixing hard sciences, technology, and experimental design with a focus on the eco-side. Interviewed, authored, led international speakerships on global strategies for B2B and B2C, co-created marketing server platform MetaMetrix. Art Center College of Design Alumni. Polynesian DNA and Hawaiian roots. Electric car driver, solar owner, and nature/ocean psycho.

Saber, aka Ryan Weston Shook 

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