Sustainability Core Values - Start Small, But Start

We started with backpacks because this is what we use and need on a daily and it's not a single-use plastic. The clothing industry is one of the largest global polluters in the form of waste during manufacturing, and for plastic micro-fibers/microplastics released into water from washing or swimming. Our bags don't need that type of washing.  

It takes 23 recycled plastic bottles to make the 8Hz Hatch23 Backpack. That’s saving 23 plastic bottles from the ocean and landfills.

The process of making the products from bottle to backpack.

The Sustainable Fabrics We Use:

  • Official certification to verify every step of the recycling process (SCS).

  • Garment Quality Guaranteed by international test reports (ITS) and BSCI approved production facilities.

  • Only eco-friendly dyes and treatments used.

  • Great comfort: Highly suitable for combinations with eco-friendly cotton and other sustainable materials.

Start with something small.

As consumers, we have enormous power.

We all impact industry through example. Consumers are collaborators with brands through their actions and purchases. Our goal is to work together towards sustainable future while creating models for following generations. 


Imagine if consumers and companies decided to take all their money out of major banks and move them into B Corp banks that use their money to support social causes and companies that do good and are actually run by foundations for good.

Imagine if we all decided we don’t want our clothes, bags or household goods made from virgin plastics (oil based), brands would have no choice but to change their ways. 

Imagine if you bought beautiful quality products made eco-consciously and made here in the USA that also supported environmental causes.

Imagine if you used a re-useable water container instead of using plastic water bottles every day.

Together, those small changes have huge impacts. Take a stand with us and make an impact, support brands that care...don't worry about doing something big, just start with something small.